Partnership for Creative Industrial Space (PCIS)

The mission of PCIS is to facilitate artistic and small business growth through real access of space in the city of Providence. We work to preserve and provide affordable and sustainable commercial space in Providence, through partnering with the real estate market, advocating policy at the city level, and developing spaces for the artistic and small-scale industrial communities. These efforts connect the local creative sector with revitalization efforts that directly impact the fabric of Providence, its community and its attraction as a destination.

In partnering with developers, architects, preservationists, planners, advocates and the real estate market, we seek to accomplish this mission through the following short and long term goals:

  • Facilitate access to affordable and sustainable commercial space
  • Advocate policy that encourages responsible development of creative industrial spaces while integrating community accountability
  • Act as educator in building awareness of the benefits of these policies to the direct recipients
  • Serve as a resource and support to the City of Providence's Department of Planning for information and data
  • Develop a commercial building into affordable creative industrial spaces as a feasibility model